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Natural Fillings

Caring and maintaining the health of your mouth is our priority while understanding that patients want natural looking fillings. Dental work should never take away from a person’s smile. The dental fillings that we place in your teeth are perfectly matched to your natural tooth color so that they blend in. Quite often, many of our patients ask us to replace their old grey amalgam fillings with white fillings for that natural look.



When a tooth becomes too compromised and fragile due to decay, breakage, trauma, or a root canal, it needs to be fully covered by a strong material to restore and strengthen it.


Root Canal

All teeth have nerves inside of them. When this nerve becomes sick due to a large cavity or trauma, it can cause a lot of pain. To alleviate the pain, the bad nerve is removed and an internal filling is put in its place. Root canals relieve pain. If left untreated, the nerve can die and could result in a bone infection or even an abscess. Many times, a tooth may already be dead and there are no pain symptoms, but the nerve still needs to be cleaned out to prevent a future harmful infection.



Sometimes teeth just have to go. It could be because the tooth is too damaged from decay or trauma. Or other times it’s a painful wisdom tooth. Whatever it may be, we’ll make sure that you’re completely comfortable during the process. We’ll also set you up with your options on how to replace the missing tooth – possibly with an implant, bridge, or a partial.



Implants are the closest we can get to “regrowing” a tooth. Implants are made out of titanium and have multiple parts. The first part is designed to function like the root of a tooth, meaning it is placed entirely in the jaw bone. The second part, the top portion, screws into the base and can be designed to be a single tooth, a part of a bridge, or a component of a denture or partial denture. The entire implant process is completed over several months.


Cosmetic Bonding

Teeth come in all shapes and sizes and over time, teeth can become stained, cracked, or chipped. Teeth may also have uncomfortable gaps and unaesthetic spaces between them. A conservative way to correct these flaws is to bond composite resin to the natural tooth. The composite resin is a tooth-colored filling material that is carefully matched to your natural tooth shade. Cosmetic bonding can usually be completed in just one short visit. For a more transformative change, when cosmetic bonding is not enough, we recommend veneers.



Veneers are a layer of porcelain that are permanently bonded to your teeth to transform the overall look of your teeth while adding strength and resilience. Veneers can be used to cover dark stains, close gaps, make teeth even in length, and provide a uniform-looking smile.


Filling a Space

A gap in a person’s smile can greatly affect their chewing ability as well as their confidence. Luckily, there are many options to fill the space – possibly with an implant, bridge, or a partial. Dr. Carmody will carefully review your options, and will help you decide what treatment best fits you and your lifestyle.



We offer in-house bleaching as well as professional grade take-home bleaching. Depending on the sensitivity of your teeth and the shade goal, Dr. Carmody will carefully choose what bleaching option best fits you



Everyone loves the feeling of clean, smooth teeth. We can argue that it’s one of life’s simple pleasures (too much?). We enjoy seeing our patients several times a year to maintain their gum health, clean off surface stains, check for any cavities with xrays, and complete an oral cancer screening. We also love hearing the newest update on your life during those visits!


Gum Therapy

Gums can become unhealthy and when they do, they become red and swollen and often bleed (gingivitis). Once the bone underneath the gums becomes infected, periodontal disease is the result. Periodontal disease involves bone loss that could be severe enough to cause tooth instability, looseness, and eventual tooth loss. Our goal is to slow down that process of bone loss by first starting with a thorough deep cleaning to control the infection, and then with continuous therapy there on after. Each patient is on a custom therapy schedule depending on the severity of their periodontitis.



Sealants are a protective seal that is placed to protect the deep grooves in your back teeth. These grooves are tricky hiding places that allow bacteria to accumulate and cause tooth decay. The sealant eliminates the hiding place and works to prevent cavities. It’s a great inexpensive procedure that will help avoid much more expensive problems in the future.


Night Guards

Teeth grinding and clenching are common daily habits that greatly compromise your teeth by wearing them thin, shortening them, or breaking down tooth structure or dental work. Nightguards are made of a custom piece of hard acrylic that fits perfectly over the chewing surfaces of your teeth and absorb the powerful and harmful forces of the grinding and clenching. Nightguards will also often alleviate headaches and TMJ related discomfort.

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